I’m a product designer and artist with more than twelve years of experience designing and building digital experiences and products. Currently, I work at Doodle where we build scheduling tools for 200 million users in enterprises and small businesses.

My process

I try to keep my design process simple, flexible and straight forward. I always balance business needs, goals and resources to create the best possible experience for the end user. For most product design work (this includes: new products, new features, landing pages, product pages, etc) I like to work with the following structure:

  • Define the problem, end goals and limitations
  • Research and discovery
  • Mockup possible solutions, test if possible and iterate
  • Final solution, delivery and implementation

In all this steps stakeholders, managers and developers are involved and fluid communication is fundamenta


The last three years I’ve been working remote with developers and product managers. Although I don’t mind working in an office for short periods of time I believe remote work is the future of work. Great companies like Toptal, Basecamp or Digital Ocean are mostly 100% remote and they embrace and thrive with this culture. For companies it opens a bigger talent pool where they can hire better and more diverse individuals. As an employee I love the freedom it gives me to work where I feel more productive and the time I save not having to commute every day.

Current position

Doodle — Senior Product Designer

Apr 2017 – Present (2 years and 8 months)
Berlin, Germany

At Doodle, we build scheduling tools for 200 million users in enterprises and small businesses.

  • Introduced and hands-on implemented concepts of experimentation, iteration, and diverse research and validation methods to Doodle (Jobs To Be Done, GIST, and Lean methodologies) in close collaboration with product managers and develop- ment teams.
  • Led the design of Doodle’s new product from scratch (Doodle 1:1), from con- ception to implementation. I worked with a cross-functional team and an external development agency across three countries. Doodle 1:1 contributes 10% growth month over month to the company’s North Star Metric.
  • Led and implemented a company-wide product and brand redesign to match the company’s strategic pivot into the B2B model and Enterprise category. The redesign and rebranding project included: a new UI kit, the update of our design system, a website redesign, and entire product flows updates in collaboration with PMs and engineering teams from 4 different countries.
  • Led the redesigned of the payment and checkout flow as a part of Doodle’s tran- sition to a subscription-based revenue model, positioning itself as a SaaS company.
  • Defined the hiring process for designers together with the head of HR and built the team with two additional designers and a new design lead.
  • As part of the ongoing work on our design system, I worked together with front- end developers on creating accessibility guidelines for designers, developers, and product managers.

Previous work experience

Move Technologies — Product Designer

Feb 2016 – Feb 2017 (1 year and 1 month)

SaaS company (B2B) building dispatch software for taxi, shuttle, and chauffeur companies.

  • Led the user experience design of the product together with product managers and critical clients as the single designer in the team.
  • Defined and designed the User Interfaces design for a web application and mobile apps
  • Led the brand design and visual language from exploration to implementation.
  • Hands-on planed, designed and implemented several websites and landing pages.

Spiffy UG — Senior Visual Designer

Oct 2013 – Feb 2016 (2 years and 5 months)

A software agency creating new products directly to market and for clients.

I was responsible for the User Interface, User Experience, and Branding of the following products:

  • Open Transport
  • Shift Dispatch System
  • Blue Passenger App
  • Other MVPs and prototypes
Get in touch:

Send me an email at hi@guillermogineste.com or contact me trough Linkedin (where you can also see my past experience) or AgelList